Furniture Design for Adonis
launched in 2021
I designed two collections of furniture for the luxury furniture brand Adonis during my internship in Shanghai. They were all successfully manufactured and mass-produced.​​​​​​​
commissioned project | furniture design | manufacture
Our client Adonis is a famous luxury furniture brand in China under Starway, dedicated to contemporary living and urban lifestyle. My design goal is to express the brand’s oriental aesthetics in an international contemporary language.
01 Yuan Collection
Yuan is a furniture collection I designed for Adonis, including an armchair, dining chair, and a sofa. This furniture collection aims to present contemporary oriental aesthetics with a simple and inviting form language.
Yuan Armchair
Form Developing Process
I was adjusting the proportion of the back and the sit carefully until the form is harmoniously combined with each other. The back subtly transits from a sharp line to curvatures. The armrest sits gently on the cushion.
The first foam prototype in the factory. Size details were adjusted after this.
Rhino Modeling Process
Yuan Sofa, Yuan Dining Chair
I love spending time in the factories! Touching the materials and learning the manufacturing process as well as solving problems through hands-on work was such an informative learning experience. I also got the chance to have a sneak peek on prototypes of designs by many other famous furniture designers in the factories!
02 Wave Collection Redesign
I was tasked to redesign Adonis’s existing armchair to be more comfortable and to give it a more complex form language with subtle changing lines and sculptural aesthetics. 
Old Version
Form Developing Process
I tried to adjust the armrest angle to be more comfortable and incorporated more subtle changing lines and thicknesses which create an industrial design element whose aesthetics are similar to a sculpture.  The redesigned form has classic shapes from the 50s with a contemporary twist. 
Final Design Renderings

Wave Armchair
Wave Dining Chair
fabric + leather
fabric + leather
Thank you Ximi Li Design for giving me this amazing internship experience!'
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